FC Melt Filter Band

Filter like no other
FC Melt Filter Band

the original and patented
TTM Rossi

Made in Italy since 1959.


TTM Rossi, a name stamped across the pages of history since 1959

For three generations, the Rossi family has presented its own production, a refined expression of Made in Italy, preciously cured in every detail.

With 19 years of experience in the field of wire mesh, Oliviero Rossi started his business activity in Villa Guardia near Como in 1959 and since 1980 he has also worked with the collaboration of his sons Gian Andrea and Roberta, the current owners of the company.

The increasingly numerous requests of professionist and customers prompt the company to start a process of expansion and modernization; path that begins at the turn of the ’80s and’ 90s.

TTM Rossi thus abandoned the craft workshop in the heart of the village of Villa Guardia and moved to the newly established industrial area.

The change of location corresponds to a renewal of the machinery fleet to cope with the increase in orders and to optimize production with ever-increasing quality items.

The founder’s commitment and passion were also transmitted to the third generation. Guido and Silvia, with the entry into the company in 2004, proudly represent competence and enthusiasm for the continuity between past and future.

In 2015, the third expansion is completed which today brings TTM Rossi to cover a total area of 7500 square meters, including offices, production department and warehouse.

A long tradition based on tenacity and talent.


With a production area of over 7400 m² and a qualified and dedicated staff, the company is able to answer with efficiency, speed and skill to any request, standard or not, so ranking itself as the world leader in the field of filters for recycling of plastics.


Over the last 20 years, it has specialized in the production of filters for the recycling of plastics (FC), a product developed jointly by the best technicians of TTM ROSSI and the world's leading manufacturer of extruders automatic filter continuous belt.


Having developed a great innovation on the filters for automatic screen changers for plastic recycling, TTM ROSSI decided to defend its know-how patenting the product.

Have a look on our production line

Melt filter band FC for automatic filter changers.


Melt filter band FC for automatic filter changers: the best filter band for plastic recycling.

The many proprieties of FC, evolution of RBZ, grant to obtain a high quality refurbished product, while allowing a great saving of energy and money for the utilizer.

For this, FC filter band is perfect for market leading companies in automatic screen changers field, as it’s the best continue filter for plastic recycling.

Highly qualified and FC-dedicated staff, togheter with a continuous technological innovation derived from research and monitoring of customer needs, are a security in terms of reliability and quick supply response.

Made in Italy

The best raw materials with the most evolved machinery create the FC filter bands. Two production pants for over 7400 m² operate a continuous and precise quality check on all the processes.


Our Filter Band FC is protected by international patent.

European Patent nr. 2411572

German Utility Model nr. 202009018942.2
(branched-off from the European Patent nr. 09787670.0)

TTM ROSSI grants:

  • assistance for pre- and post-purchase.
  • personalized solutions for the customer best satisfaction.
  • traceability of the product for customer security, as per ISO 9001.
  • shipping of technical sheets, certificates and packing lists for every order in order to assure the check of the product by the customer.
  • reliability and supply security.


Miglior prodotto finale ottenuto

Miglior prodotto finale ottenuto

Thanks to its tight cooperation with automatic filterchanger producers, TTM Rossi designs from 1993 filter bands for plastic recycling to best satisfy utilizers necessities.

Last R&D developement is FC, which enters the market with a highly competitive quality/performance rate.

FC is:

  • patented and exclusive production of TTM Rossi
  • perfect for the filtration of HDPE, LDPE, PP, PET, PA, LLDPE
  • ideal to completely eliminate impurities and obtain a high quality granulate
  • granting a continuous filtration process
  • excellent when used recycling secondary plastics with paper, wood, aluminium or fibers contamination
  • standard on 230, 308, 180 mm heights (customized heights on request)
  • available in a wide range of measures, based on the customer needs
    • Standard filtrations are:
      80 | 90 | 100 | 125 | 150 | 180 | 200 | 250 | 300 | 350 | 400 | 500 micron
    • It’s possible to arrange, on specific request, the production of:
      600 | 700 | 800 micron
  • As per procedure ISO 9001, TTM ROSSI grant the tracking of every single roll of product and all components used in the production process; these informations are included in the Compliance Certificate (UNI EN 10204 chapter 2.2) together with the packing list attached in every shipment
Miglior prodotto finale ottenuto
Flessibilità di produzione

Flexible production

TTM Rossi production plant in Villa Guardia (Como, IT) is complexively 7400 m² wide.

Standard rolls are 50 mt length, but according to customer needs and without additional costs, it’s possible to produce rolls up to 120 mt long which allow to:

  • reduce the weldings needed at every roll replacement, drastically lowering the risk of breaks.
  • reduce the number of roll substitutions, so reducing the cost of manpower needed for this process.
Flessibilità di produzione
Alta resistenza alla rottura

High breaking strength

Compared to other filters on the market, FC filter band:

  • raise over 60% the resistance to breaks, avoiding lacerations of the bands during the filtration.
  • allow a continuous workflow with pressure up to 200 bar.
  • are guaranteed by high quality raw materials, with the best mechanic proprieties on the market, certified and loyal to the production needs.
  • are monitored during the entire production process and subject to quality test for the whole length.
  • are tested and guaranteed before the shipment.
Alta resistenza alla rottura


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